NATIONAL OPEN ACCESS REGISTRY: Single Window Electronic Platform Accessible To All


Ajay Dogra

National Open Access Registry (NOAR) is designed as an integrated single window electronic platform accessible to all stakeholders including open access participants, traders, power exchanges, national/regional/state load despatch centres for electronic processing of short-term open-access application thereby automating the administration of the short-term open access in inter-state transmission system.

National Open Access Registry is part of the Ministry of Power, the Government of India’s initiative and the required regulatory framework has been notified by the CERC through operationalization of the 5th Amendment Regulation of Open Access in inter- State Transmission. The NOAR platform shall act as a repository of information related to short term open access in inter-state transmission including standing clearance issued by RLDCs or SLDCs and short-term open access granted to the open-access customers etc. and make such information available to the stakeholders online. A payment gateway provided for making payments and integrated with NOAR shall facilitate financial accounting and tracking of short-term open access transactions.

 National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC) operated by Power System Operation Corporation Limited (POSOCO) has been designated as the nodal agency for the implementation and operation of NOAR. NOAR would be the key to facilitate faster electricity markets and enable the integration of Renewable Energy (RE) resources into the grid. NOAR will enable seamless market participation by the open-access consumer with easier and faster access to the short-term electricity market, comprising of about 10% of all India demand.


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